The ÖKO Survivor kit uses state-of-the-art in water filtration technologymaking it the market leader for practical hydration for extreme circumstances. The system is convenient and very straight foreward to use.

Whether you are camping and climbing in the high ground, in an emergency, preparing for disasters or traveling through the toughest environments, the ÖKO Survivor™ is the ultimate hydration survival partner. You will not need anything else.

Disaster preparedness can be critical for survival and with ÖKO Survivor™ you’ll have a clean supply of emergency water.

With a 0.01 micron absolute pore size it is one of the most advanced portable water filtration systems available on the market today. The filter has a lifespan of 1000,000 gallons so it will never need to be replaced*.

The system has been tested in EPA approved labs and shown to remove 99.99999% of the most common protozoa and contaminants such as cryptosporidium, giardia and a host of other contaminants including some viruses found in open water water sources. All components are FDA compliant for food contact safety and the filtration media exceeds NSF/ANSI and EPA standards for such devices.

At 0.8 ~1L of water per minute, the system provides an amazingly fast performance given its ultra-microscopic pore size. A silicone hand pump is used to flush any remaining water from the filter and to clean and maintain the system for continued use. 

The kit includes :

  • Main filtration capsule with an astonishing 1000,000 gallon capacity so it will never require replacement*.

  • A set of straw tubes and a silicone bite valve with a positive shut-off for easy, leakproof and safe hydration.

  • Hand pump to clean the unit – includes a one way valve which may be used as a secondary nozzle.

*ÖKO does not recommend, verify or guarantee any water source conditions.

Product Dimensions


3.9 ounces


5.25 inches


1.5 inches

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ÖKO Survivor Extreme Straw

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